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Parents, read the answer to the Million Dollars' question!

How can you help with your kids homework?
It is a struggle that many parents have faced, they just don't know where to start or how to handle days when there is a lot to do!Well, here are some few tips that will make your life easier:- Be involved- Set the mood for learning- Make it a positive experience- Let the kids leadTo read the full article with all the details on The Educator magazine, click here.

Extracurricular Activities, important or overrated?

Well, let us put it this way, at our days, we might sometimes say it is as important as teaching & learning if not more important!
Many schools often tend to disregard building a decent program for extracurricular activities, giving so many excuses such as "We need to finish the program" or "how would they be prepared for SAT if they did not have enough hours" or even "we need to prepare them well for their official exams end of year".Unfortunately, some old fashioned schools fail to realize that social development is as important as academic progress, it is even more important these days.Why is that? Simply because, successful people nowadays are not only the A+ students, they are actually the students with social skills, soft skills, and students that are problem solvers, articulate, socially active, etc.Teaching & Learning is not enough to enhance those skills and thus the need for extra curricula activities rise.Let your students have enough time to go on trips, field trips, play music instruments, learn how to code a game, be part of a play, chess club, drama club and much much more, and you will see how their personalities will never cease to grow!Check this article from "The Educator" Magazine, click here to open.

Sharing Selfie Improvement

All of the world is turning into videos!
If you monitor the progress of many aspects in our lives, like social media advertisement, online magazine & banner ads, etc... All are transforming from the static visual into dynamic motion videos, same applies to Education!I know & I am sure that I will learn better if you let me see it in action rather than seeing it in a painting or a picture inside a book!Check out this article from Language Magazine (Click here to see article)

MESLC Event in Dubai!

The Top reasons why you should attend this event!
Dubai was always a pioneer when it comes to Education, the city that has become a flag in implementing the best and most modern methodologies, is now hosting the Middle East School Leadership Conference, 2019.
If you want to know more about the event, please check the full article on Teach Middle East magazine (Click Here).

We couldn't agree more!

We said it once, and we'll say it again, Education MUST be dynamic & based on market demand!
INSTACLASS has been working based on this principle for more than 2 years now! We are proud to say that we have always mentioned that Education MUST be dynamic, it MUST evolve within this surrounding ever-changing world.
By dynamic we mean that schools and universities should constantly update their programs to suit what is currently on demand in the market, thus, giving the chance to their graduates to find a place in the job market.
Unfortunately, more than 80% of educational systems and institutions are still rigid, covering topics that are not related whatsoever with the new trends in the market, especially in technological fields.
There are some new majors & skills on demand of which we have never heard 5 years ago! So, is this being reflected in Academic Curricula? The answer is NO in most cases!
To read the full article about this point on World Economic Forum, please click here.

Super Teachers! Congratulations!

So proud, go Middle East Teachers!
As per Education Journal Magazine, a teacher from Lebanon, Hiba Ballout and another teacher working in Irbid, Samar Naazal, are within the Top 50 shortlisted tutors for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2018 at

To read the full article on Education Journal Magazine, click here.

This can no longer be neglected!

Signs are clear, every one of us is responsible, Autism can no longer be ignored...
Starting from home with parents, to schools with teachers & administrators, this is part of your responsibility, please read this article by "Teach Middle East Magazine" to get an idea about the symptoms of "Autism Spectrum Disorder" ASD.Educators, you can always make a difference!Click here to see the full article (Teach Middle East magazine)

Another Star in Education Technology!

Well, as we always say, it is inescapable, Education and Technology are officially married for a while now...
Schools and Parents should be aware of this by now, in case one part has a bit of retreat, the other should push towards it!
We cannot accept our children to be enrolled in schools, even top ones, when we still see that technology is not well implemented.
We are not talking about a full schedule or 24/7 being subjected to screens, no body wants that, however, the Use of educational apps, management systems, homework and class work solutions that keep parents involved with their children's progress is now necessary.
Even for school management and academic leads, this is the best way to track students' performance and learning path, it is clear, efficient and time saving!
To read about this new star in implementing ICT to connect her students to the world!
Please click here to see the full article on Teach Middle East.

One more time, Go Dubai!

It is a great time to be part of Dubai and UAE's Education, this sector is witnessing an exponential growth in all aspects!
For the full details about the new plan towards full inclusion in Dubai, which will cater for every single learner in Dubai, read the article on Education Journal magazine: Click Here

مع إنستاكلاس المصداقية مضمونة والدروس بمتناول الجميع

نحن نسعى بنظامنا الآلي لتجنّب هذه الأمور, إذ أن أسعارنا ثابتة للجميع على السواء, كما أنّ منصتنا التعليمية بمتناول الجميع! ومصداقيتنا عالية بسبب خبرة وإحترافية مدرسّينا المسجلين لدينا, بالإضافة إلى نظامنا الذكي
لا تتعرضوا للإبتزاز في فترة الإمتحانات, حيث وللأسف بعض المدرّسين يستغلون حاجة الأهل والطلبة ويرفعون تسعيرة الدروس خلال فترة الإمتحانات. إنستاكلاس منصة تفاعلية متميزة حيث بإمكان المتعلمين أن يحجزوا حصص ودروس عبر الإنترنت, مباشرة (وليست مسجّلة) مع أفضل الأساتذة الذين تم اختيارهم بعناية فائقةأسعارنا مدروسة للغاية ولا تتأثر أو تزداد حسب أوقات الإمتحانات بل بالعكس تماماً, لدينا عروض مستمرة على مدار السنة مما يجعل إنستاكلاس الحل الأمثل للجميع
لرؤية المقال بالكامل على موقع برق الإمارات إضغط هنا