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Basics of Web Development

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Daniel Charbel
Course Description

Web Development skills are one of the most on demand skills in the job market for more than 20 years and will continue to be in the future, why don't you boost your career and start with the basics of web development? Take this weekend morning course over a couple of weeks to finish 12 hours of useful tips and practices to get you started with web development!

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Session 1

Introduction to the Web - Explaining how websites work and understanding all the needed components. How the World Wide Web works and explaining http protocols and URLs.

Session 2

Introduction to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) - Learning the HTML Language and practicing how to use it correctly. (Basic blocks: Headers, Lists, Links, Tables, Forms, Images …)

Session 3

HTML part completion and HTML5 - Completing HTML and notes about HTML5 with exercises to test student progress

Session 4

Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - Showing in detail the CSS properties, classes and IDs, and how we can use them to style the HTML

Session 5

CSS part completion and CSS3 - Completing CSS and notes about CSS3 with exercises to test student progress

Session 6

Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap and CSS media queries - Learning the most popular front-end Framework for responsive Web Development along with showcasing methods of web responsiveness on tablets and mobiles

Session 7

Introduction to Programming Languages using JavaScript - Introduction to one of the world’s most used programming languages and learning the logic of Programming. (Variables, operators, If-Else statements)

Session 8

More Javascript Control Statements - Introducing students to the many other statements used in Javascript (while, For loop, switch, logical operators) and testing the student’s progress.

Session 9

Javascript Arrays - Introduction to one dimensional arrays and building an online quiz.

Session 10

Javascript Functions - Introduction to functions with a small game in Javascript example

Session 11

JavaScript and the DOM - Using JavaScript to manipulate HTML and CSS elements and animating them

Session 12

Course Conclusion - Recapitulation of everything learned in small tests, and notes for future practices