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IGCSE 0580 Mathematics - Challenging Concepts

School Curricula / American / Grade 12 / Courses Category
Todd Thomas Davis
Course Description

This course is designed for IGCSE Mathematics (0580) students to prepare them for the international test. Enroll now with one of our top tutors who will guide you through some challenging concepts and give you important hints and practices to achieve better test result.

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Session 1

Algebraic expressions and formula: algebraic manipulation, word problems, structure and use of formula

Session 2

Functions: functions, domain and range, inverse functions, and composite functions

Session 3

Quadratics: factorization, completing the square, and quadratic formula

Session 4

Volume and surface area: circles, cubes, cuboids, cylinders, pyramids

Session 5

Graphical solutions of functions: graphing functions and solving for x-values and intersections with other functions

Session 6

Probability: combined events

Session 7

Transformations: reflections, enlargements, rotations, and matrix descriptions

Session 8

Vectors: addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, magnitude, and expression of vectors in terms of other vectors

Session 9

Trigonometry: sine/cosine/tangent ratios, area with sine, sine rule, and cosine rule

Session 10

Matrices: matrix multiplication, determinants, and inverse matrices

Session 11

Past paper review focusing on challenge questions from content in weeks 1-10

Session 12

Past paper review focusing on challenge questions from content in weeks 1-10