Introduction to Nutrition

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Batoul Manana
Course Description

This course is designed for University students who are studying nutrition major, this course will highlight the most important concepts that students require to achieve better result and understand the key points to becoming better nutritionists, enroll now in this 10 hours crash course.

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Session 1

10 Mar | 12:00 pm
Assessment + Introduction: A quick assessment to determine student’s nutrition knowledge.

Session 2

11 Mar | 12:00 pm
Energy and Metabolism: What is the energy and how our metabolism functions

Session 3

12 Mar | 12:00 pm
Carbohydrates: Carbohydrate food sources, kinds and how they are metabolized.

Session 4

13 Mar | 12:00 pm
Proteins: Protein food sources, kinds and how they are metabolized.

Session 5

14 Mar | 12:00 pm
Fats: What are fats and how they are metabolized.

Session 6

15 Mar | 12:00 pm
Vitamins: Food sources and function

Session 7

16 Mar | 12:00 pm
Minerals: Food sources and function

Session 8

17 Mar | 12:00 pm
Pregnancy, lactation and Child feeding: What to eat and what to avoid in both life cycles. What mothers need to know about children`s eating habits.

Session 9

18 Mar | 12:00 pm
Nutrition in adolescents, adulthood and elderly: An overview of how to be healthy and get all your needs during different life cycles.

Session 10

19 Mar | 12:00 pm
Sports Nutrition: All misconceptions in the field of sport nutrition will be addressed. A brief summary of what to eat before, during and after exercise.