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Public Speaking & Presentations Skills

School Curricula / American / Grade 12 / Courses Category
Batoul Manana
Course Description

If you are always worried from speaking in public, and you want to learn some nice tips and tricks to overcome this feeling of anxiety that hits you just before you start your presentation or speech? Then this course is for you, in 10 hours, you will learn some important hacks that will turn your public speaking experience into a rewarding one.

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Session 1

Assessment + Speaking with Confidence: A quick assessment to determine how students can express themselves in an oral presentation in addition to an introduction to proper communication essentials (difference between public speaking and conversations).

Session 2

Listening and Recalls: Learning difference between hearing and effective listening, plus practicing effective listening skills.

Session 3

Analyzing Audience + Word Choice: Learning how effective is to know your audience and interact with them while delivering a speech. In addition to an overview over oral language styles and how they shall be adapted to your audience.

Session 4

Developing and Organizing Speech: Learning essential guidelines for speech outline. In addition to small introduction to different types of speeches.

Session 5

Gathering Materials + Ethics: Learning how to gather confidential supporting materials and how to properly use them. In addition to a short overview over ethical presentations and plagiarism.

Session 6

Outlining and Editing, Introducing and Concluding: Highlighting essential points when it comes to introducing and concluding your speech in addition to “outline” standards.

Session 7

Speech delivery + Presentation aids: Understanding non-verbal behaviors and making connections with your audience`s non-verbal’s. In addition to understanding what would enhance your presentation.

Session 8

Speaking Styles: Learning different forms of speaking (to inform, to persuade, and to express a special occasion)

Session 9

PowerPoint and Prezi Overview: Learning how to do a presentation using 2 software (Power Point and Prezi) + selecting a topic to be presented by the student the next session.

Session 10

Practice: The student will be asked to prepare one presentation and will get the comments/weak points he/she will need to enhance.