Our Mission is to bring
knowledge to all people.

Why choose InstaClass?

InstaClass believes that everyone should have access to top quality learning opportunities, wherever they are. As a digital learning platform, we connect learners with the region’s best tutors. This means we can overcome many of the hurdles associated with traditional tutoring methods, including scheduling, distance, commuting issues, convenience and space limitations. It also means we’re flexible and affordable, offering access to a wide range of tutors and subjects at the touch of a button.

What subjects do you cover?

All of them! Our classes are tailored to all ages and all abilities, from children’s school curricula to special professional learning to boost your career. Our professional tutors are the best in the business and will fit around your schedule, abilities and learning style.

How does InstaClass work?

We use the latest video streaming technology to bring learning direct to you. Choose from our wide range of subjects and from one-on-one or group learning sessions, depending on your needs. With affordable, pre-fixed rates for each session, our tutors are available 7 days a week so you never miss an opportunity to learn.

How is InstaClass safe?

We understand that some parents may have safety or cultural concerns about traditional one-on-one tutoring. By using the latest video streaming technology, InstaClass offers all of the benefits of one-on-one learning or real-life classroom sessions, without the need to visit a tutoring centre or tutor’s home. All InstaClass tutors adhere to our strict code of conduct, while all sessions are recorded and saved to learners’ profiles for 14 days, allowing parents to review and rate their content.

Who are our registered tutors?

Instaclass applies a robust selection process of the tutors who are approved on our platform to insure introducing the best and most talented tutors to our learner. Relevant qualification, experience and skills are pre-requisites before approving any tutor on our platform.