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How it works

What can you learn with Instaclass?
You can take Online classes such as:

or study any other language covered by our tutors.

You can prepare for the SAT, TOEFL and IELTS as well as other international exams.

University students are also welcome to take online university classes depending on their needs.

In addition to all of that, we offer some professional courses as well (like IT, personal development and much more!)

You can book one-to-one classes or group classes or even enroll in our complete offered course, you can even buy packages (multiple classes or slots) at a lower price and use it whenever you want!

Talk about convenience!

Step 1

Sign up for free with us and activate your account.

Step 2

Choose the subject you want to learn with us.

Step 3

Choose your preferred Date & Time to book the class. Then you can either broadcast your request to top rated tutors or select your tutor manually.

Step 4

You can choose one to one class or join & invite your friends in group classes or even enroll in our offered courses.

Step 5

Attend your class on time and interact Lively with the tutor.

Step 6

Rate your tutor and review your class through the downloadable class file and session recording.

Watch our short explanatory videos to get started

Instaclass takes the Teaching & Learning Experience up to a new level. Try it!