Our Mission is to bring
knowledge to all people.

How we rate our tutors and trainers

At Instaclass we strive to maintain the quality of the Tutoring and Training services at the top of our priorities, and therefore, we apply two different rating criteria of our tutors as follows:

  • The first rating criteria is the Instaclass internal rating, which is assigned to tutors by Instaclass Education Department once the tutor is approved on our platform and before he or she conducts any tutoring session. And such internal rating employs strict set of rules as illustrated below in order to insure presenting the best options for the learners, and allow the top qualified tutors to leverage on their strengths effectively, the Instaclass internal rating criteria includes the following measures:
    • The tutor’s College Degree and Major.
    • The tutor’s University ranking.
    • The tutor’s years of experience, relevancy of experience and consistency.
    • The age of the tutor.
    • The native language of the tutor with respect to the subjects he/she aims to teach.
    • Any additional qualifications and/or recommendations.
    • Computer skills.
    • The completion level and accuracy of information of the Tutor’s profile in InstaClass.
    • The quality of the Tutor’s self-note description (more about yourself) section.
    • The tutor's introductory video (Spoken Language, spelling, and relevancy of the provided information).
  • The second rating criteria applied by Instaclass focuses on the rating provided by the learners about the tutors after classes/sessions, where learners will be requested to rate their tutor based on the following main criteria :
    • The quality of content and knowledge of the tutor.
    • The teaching skills of the tutor.
    • The language and communication skills of the tutor. This learner’s rating will be then aggregated with Instaclass internal rating to produce the average rating of the tutor which will be then reflected on the tutors’ profile.