Mohamed Zedan

Mohamed Zedan


  • Qualification
    - MS/MA
  • Curriculum
    - UAE MOE
    - KSA
    - British
    - Egyptian
  • Teaching Levels
    - Primary - Secondary
  • Languages
    - Arabic - Native or bilingual
    - English - Fluent
  • Teaching Subjects
    - Biology - Chemistry - Professional Subjects:
    Biochemistry, population statistics
    - University Subjects:
    Histology, citology, and all biology branches


I had graduated from faculty of sience and education in 1987 with grade "very good"
I got Master degree in Demography in 2005.
I was a scholar to England at Kings College London in 2001
I worked as science teacher for more than 10 years.
Also, I worked as supervisor of science at the intermediate level.
Now, I am working as Biology and Chemistry supervisor at the high school level

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