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Linda Tamim

Linda Tamim


  • Qualification
    - BS/BA
  • Curriculum
    - IB
    - American
    - UAE MOE
    - KSA
    - British
  • Teaching Levels
    - Primary - Secondary - University
  • Languages
    - French - Native or bilingual
    - English - Native or bilingual
  • Teaching Subjects
    - English - French - English Literature - Business Writing and Communication - Langue Fran - Langue Anglaise - University Subjects:
    I taught English language lessons.


I'm a former English news presenter and producer at Future TV, currently working as a freelance journalist and a news correspondent for TRT World. I'm also a former school teacher - I taught English and social studies at the German school in Lebanon, and I was an English instructor at several language institutes including Berlitz, where I still work. I'm lucky to say I've taught students from all ages and walks of life - young children, Syrian refugees, young professionals and members of the Lebanese army. I look forward to working with you on improving your language skills, be it in English or French!

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