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Liovic Sanchez

Liovic Sanchez

United Arab Emirates
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    English Language
    Professional Subjects:
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    Business Management


Educationist since 2005, educational and business management teacher and mentor
Currently the Dean of students in a business institute


  • English Fluent

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i'm an Egyptian teacher.for 14 years ago
i am a maths tutor for a secondary & preparatory stages

Math and more

i graduated from Faculty of engineering - Cairo University - Architecture branch
i have been teaching math for +17 years for national and international curriculum
I have been teaching math for Saudi curriculum for 3 years
I worked as a teacher in Future language school
and as a math spervisor too
I worked as a teacher in Dar-Eltarbia American school
I learned computer courses :Autocad - Revit -
and Photoshop
I studied English in ILI Council
I work as an invigilator in the BRITISH COUNCIL

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My name is Ghazwa Moukaddem
I taught lately IT and Business courses. But i have experience teaching Math and biology and english and french language for intermediate classes also.

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My name is Iman. I have an Arabic name, but I am actually American with no Arabic heritage. I can speak Arabic at an intermediate level although I am still learning. I have a masters degree in second language acquisition (TESOL) and would love to help you learn English or improve your English for business or personal reasons. I am particularly interested in working with students who want help preparing for standardized exams such as SAT, TOEFL or IELTS. I teach online, but I also have lived and taught in Cairo, Egypt. I love to travel and I love Egyptian movies.

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