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* Fluent in written and spoken English at native speaker level of competence.
* Knowledge of contemporary teaching practices and computer assisted learning in the area of English as a Foreign Language and English for Specific Purposes.
* Deliver EFL lessons to students in an active learning environment, developing and utilizing the varied learning resources available to provide effective, innovative and appropriate instruction.
* Contribute to the planning, evaluation and revision of curricula, course content and course materials.
* Communicate information on progress and performance to students and other appropriate persons.
* Participate in college and system assessment moderation processes as required.


  • English Fluent

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My name is Dr Kahsay. Currently, I live in Ethiopia. I am 33 years old, married and have one daughter. I have BA and MA in English Language Teaching and I have PhD in Inclusive Education. Currently, I am working as a university Assistant Professor at Jigjiga University in Ethiopia and Adal Medical University in Somaliland. Previously, I worked as Secondary School Deputy Director, Communication and Social Affair Senior Expert in a Consultant Organization, Language and Culture Facilitator/trainer at United Stated of America Peace Corps and English Language trainer in language centers. In total, I have more than 11 years of work experience.

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As a graduate from the University of Ilorin, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, the exposure to an extensive range of Chemistry modules have equipped me with the knowledge in various aspects of organic, inorganic, analytical and physical Chemistry. Furthermore, being exposed to teaching chemistry for the past 8 years at both senior and junior secondary levels, I believe I possess the experience, laboratory techniques and knowledge required; the results of my students at external (IGCSE & WAEC) and internal examinations testify to this.

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*I'm Alaa Abouelhassan.
*I'm 21years old.
*I'm an undergraduate English teacher.
*For I'm enrolled in faculty of education, English department, Al-monufia University.
*I live in Al Monoufia.
*I've got some computer skills like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
*I've joined an English Conversation course.
*I practice teaching in schools as a part of my academic study.
*And I work as a private English Instructor.

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Professional physics teacher with 10 years of experience teaching physics for students from different nationalities and preparing them for their SAT/IGCSE/GCE(O & A level)/IB exams.

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