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I'm a teacher of English with a passion of English and teaching. I love teaching English and I think that learning English should be fun. So, I'm looking forward to helping you and I hope you will have a great time learning English here.


  • Arabic Native or bilingual
  • English Fluent

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English and more

Hello from Instaclass,
My name is Natasa Grujic.
I have been teaching English for over 16 years ( over 5 years as online International English language teacher).
I love working with people , helping them brush up, improve and increase their English knowledge.
I like working with beginner, upper beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate levels.
I have been teaching these levels for many years and I'm very flexible and friendly teacher.
Welcome to Instaclass

English and more

*I'm Alaa Abouelhassan.
*I'm 21years old.
*I'm an undergraduate English teacher.
*For I'm enrolled in faculty of education, English department, Al-monufia University.
*I live in Al Monoufia.
*I've got some computer skills like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
*I've joined an English Conversation course.
*I practice teaching in schools as a part of my academic study.
*And I work as a private English Instructor.

English and more

Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Intercultural Communication, Museums, Communication, Foreign Languages, and Critical Theory. Strong education professional with a Ph.D focused in Culture Studies and History from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

English and more

I am a native Arabic teacher for non Arab, Started teaching ECA and MSA ( Egyptian Colloquial Arabic & Modern Standard Arabic ) 10 years ago, after a decade of Experience and also graduated from Alexandria university of Department of Arabic language and its science and literature and Islamic studies.
love to make the class fun and different styles for different students as per whats suits every one with flexible schedule.

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