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Carole Mrad

Carole Mrad


  • Qualification
    - MS/MA
  • Curriculum
    - American
    - Lebanese
  • Teaching Levels
    - University
  • Languages
    - English - Native or bilingual
    - Arabic - Native or bilingual
    - Spanish - Fluent
  • Teaching Subjects
    - English - English as a Second Language - Research Skills - Spanish - Proof Reading Services - Translation - English Language - University Subjects:
    Earth Sciences, English, Spanish, and Academic Writing


Experienced trilingual geoscientist in the geotechnical, research, and higher education industries with a B.Sc. in Geology, M.Sc. in Earth Sciences, and a Professional Certificate focused in Data Science from Harvard University. Strong interpersonal, leadership and teamwork skills acquired through a number of diverse executive roles at international non-profit organizations.

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