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Tatiana Chaer

Tatiana Chaer


  • Qualification
    - BS/BA
  • Curriculum
    - American
    - UAE MOE
    - Lebanese
  • Teaching Levels
    - Primary - Secondary - University
  • Languages
    - English - Fluent
    - French - Fluent
    - Arabic - Native or bilingual
  • Teaching Subjects
    - Biologie - Langue Anglaise - Langue Arabe - Langue Fran - English - Mathematics - French - Computer Science/ICT - University Subjects:
    Lab Courses


I am a 23 years-old Computer Science graduate from the Lebanese American University (LAU). I have wide experience in teaching. I am currently a private tutor and have been one for almost four years. I have taught all school subjects, and various Math courses for University Students. I also have experience in online education for a private company in Lebanon and KSA. I am currently a Data Management Consultant that is very interested by the world of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

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