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Daniel Charbel

Daniel Charbel


  • Qualification
    - PH.D
  • Curriculum
    - Lebanese
  • Teaching Levels
    - University
  • Languages
    - English - Fluent
    - Arabic - Native or bilingual
    - French - Native or bilingual
  • Teaching Subjects
    - Java Object Oriented Programming - Introduction to Computer Sciences - Introduction to Web Development - Android Application Development - Informatique - Computer Science/ICT - University Subjects:
    Web Development Subjects


I am a graduate of computer science from the Lebanese University, I have experience in many areas including building responsive websites and mobile applications, game development and artificial intelligence, and I am now working as a full stack web developer. I can help you learn the basics of most programming languages and aid you to master some of them, I can teach you how to make any website or mobile app from scratch and show you the tools that will help you code better and faster.

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