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    Arabic as a Foreign Language Arabic Linguistics Proof Reading Services


My name is Omar Attar Professor of Arabic, all levels, junior high and high school, welcome


  • Arabic Fluent
  • French Beginner

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My name is Bassam Safwah, I teach General English, GCC, BrE, AmE schools curricula, university, EFB, ESP, TOEFL, & IELTS prep, courses. I have a BA in English language, I have studied MA in linguistics, and I have an MBA in TQM in Education. I am a certified and experienced ELT. I would like to impart my experience in English language acquisition & learning through incorporating the modern methods of online -e-learning live learning and practice that proved its consistent success for millions of learners. I have taught students from many countries they’ve ranged in ages from 10 to 60 & of all proficiency levels. I prefer to use a balanced method of phonics & pronunciation, listening & comprehension, and written composition with a special focus on verbal conversation and speaking.

Hello, I am currently working as an English Instructor & Translator at a languages institute in Egypt. I teach English for primary & secondary students as well as graduates. In addition, I teach TOEFL & translation courses. I am extremely interested in this position with your organization. I have obtained BA, Education major as well as post-graduate professional diploma. I have skilled in translating English Arabic with an experience of 10 years as a translator in various fields. I am a computer literate. To know more about my background, you may refer my resume attached herein with.

You can drop a mail in my inbox. It would be a pleasure meeting you and discussing the position details personally.

Best Regards,
Ahmed Ali

I've been working as a teacher for more than 11 years,teaching is my passion, I love to always work on my self, I've received received the CELTA

I have a bachelor of English language and a Master's degree in Teaching English. I have been teaching for more than 19 years now with experience in teaching all curriculum.
I teach IELTS to students who are preparing to travel abroad or seeking a progress to study abroad .
I teach American and British curriculum.
I give also conversation and speaking classes to people who need to speak more.

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