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"The only way to fail in language learning is to give up. Everything else moves us towards the ultimate goal, even if it is just in small steps. I am here to encourage you to keep rowing, my dear life-long learners!


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English as a Second Language and more

I am professional ,certified language tutor with more than 15 years of experience with an extensive experience in teaching adults, teens, kids as well as ESP in various specialties:
I have taught all levels to all ages in some of the most reputed language centers,
I have been working as an English teacher in Algeria, and Dubai.. My aim is to teach you to speak fluently and accurately. I am sure that each student needs an individual approach to learning English. I am here to help you overcome speaking barrier and guide you.

Qualified and interactive lessons, good materials, and pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you.

I look forward to meeting you.


English and more

My name is Rania from Lebanon. I have been an English teacher for 5 years now. Currently, I am an English teacher for first graders at a public school in Lebanon. I am eager to start a new online job which is still related to my field and experience.

I look forward to be your tutor here on Instaclass.


Mathematics and more

Hey There,
It gives me honor for being with you.
My name is Hosam Elsaeed, graduated in chemical engineering faculty 2008; Cairo University, Egypt.
I have a journey of "Looking for my Self" through the past 10 years.
After my graduation, I worked as a chemical engineer since 2009 till 2015.
During the period 2009 - 2015, I started to study many fields like: Waste Recycling , Entrepreneurship and Child Education methods…
I worked as a human resources & strategic planning Director in a Dental courses company. I started a journey of teaching since July 2016; I began teaching mathematics & human skills for the students of secondary stage; the stage before the university journey.
Now, I am the CEO of Gauss Team , an academy for teaching Mathematics.

Mathematics and more

Dr Ibrahim Hammad
24 years in teaching mathematics
I hope I will be helpful for students

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